Avis UK Discount Codes

Avis UK Discount Codes

Avis Car Rental Discount Codes for May 2018:

Welcome to our collection of Avis coupons. The American founded car rental company is based out of New Jersey, operating Budget Rent a Car and Budget Truck rental under the umbrella of Avis Budget Group. The brand is active in North and South America, India, Australia, New Zealand as well as in other countries throughout Europe. It is rated as the third largest car rental company in the world, serving the commercial transportation industry.

They provide transport for all major airports around the world, and also to leisure travellers at off-airport locations. Their missions is to provide a worry-free car rental service that cater to all customer needs, and they pride themselves on building unmatched customer loyalty.

In order to choose your desired coupon, simply browse our list below. When you come across the one you like, click on the coupon button. You will then be directed to the Avis website where you can go about choosing your desired rental.

While all of our discount codes are tested before being posted, technical glitches can occur—though this is very infrequent. If this should happen to you, let us know as soon as possible so we can fix it for you. Thank you.

Best Avis Discount Codes Right Now:

  • 7 Day Car Hire for the Price of 5 Days!:

    This offer gets you 7 days of car rental for the price of just 5!
  • 3 Days for the Price of 2 across the UK!:

    Similar to the above offer, click this button to get 3 days hire for the price of 2 anywhere in the UK!
  • This Fall Save 20% off your Car Hire with Avis!:

    Avis’ fall 2017 promotion for 20% off of car hires!
  • Up to 22% off of Avis Rentals in Italy:

    Great savings on car hire in Italy through Avis UK!
  • Save 20% off of Car Rentals in Switzerland:

    Use this offer to save 20% on car hires in Switzerland!
  • Save 15% off of Car Rentals in the United States and Canada:

    Limited time offer on rental cars in Canada and the US.
  • Receive 15% off of Car Rentals in the United Arab Emirates:

    Click the button above for an offer of 15% off your car rental in the United Arab Emirates from Avis UK.
  • Savings of 15% off of Car Rentals in Singapore:

    Special offer of 15% off your car rental in Singapore from Avis UK.
  • Get the 7th Day Free on Car Rentals in Australia:

    Get the 7th day for free when renting a car down under!

How to use Avis Discount Codes:

Applying a discount code to your order isn’t always as obvious as it should be. For this reason we’ve created the following tutorial so you don’t miss out on savings.

If using an offer link….
If you are taking advantage of an offer (3 Days Rental for the Price of 2, for example) then the code you need will automatically be applied when you click through. You will see a green box below the search button confirming that. From there all you have to do is select the dates you want to hire a car for and choose your model of car. The discount will automoatically be applied.
Avis UK Discount Codes

A Little Background Info on Avis:

Avis was founded in 1946 by Warren Avis. It was the first company to rent cars from airport locations. After seeing much success in the field, the company eventually introduced their infamous “We Try Harder” campaign, summing up their personal work ethic and attitude with three strong words.

Today, Avis Car Rental is one of the world’s most popular rental brands, totalling an estimated 5,500 locations worldwide. Their long history of innovation is well known in the car rental industry and their award winning customer service is second to none.

Some of Avis Car Rental services consist of the following:

Avis Preferred:
Customers are welcome to sign up to this promotional loyalty program, benefiting by not having to wait in aggravating line-ups; be taken straight to your vehicle. There is also a points system, providing customers with one point for every dollar they spend on rentals and two points for every dollar they spend on optional features such as satellite radio and children’s car seats. The points may be redeemed after a time in exchange for Avis rental days, upgrades, and exclusive Avis products.

Avis Access:
This wonderful program is the first of its kind in providing ultimate accessibility for travellers with disabilities.

Avis Cares:
This multifaceted program guarantees you an enjoyable experience as you travel to your destination.

Avis for Business:
Do you own a small or mid sized business? If so, Avis is here to help you with low corporate rates, complimentary rental days, and free enrollment in their Preferred service.

Avis Car Sales:
If you’re looking to purchase a well maintained vehicle, Avis offers new-model cars at great prices. No haggling, no hassles.

Avis Meeting & Group Services:
This program is designed to assist group and family gatherings with transportation needs. It also offers group rates and other assistance for meetings using five cars or more.

Avis on the Web:

A company with a reputation the size of Avis can’t avoid social media in their marketing efforts. They are very active on both Facebook and Twitter, updating their feeds multiple times per day. The posts primarily consist of destination ideas designed to inspire you to drop what you’re doing and get up and go.

While their pages are fun, interactive and attentive to customer questions, there is quite a large amount of overlap in the posts themselves. Whether you prefer Twitter or Facebook, you should be able to stay updated with Avis through one platform only—which saves time.

Avis on Youtube:

While Avis doesn’t have the latest selection of videos on YouTube, what they DO have makes up for the lack of content. There are some seriously great car tours to check out such as the one below. You can’t deny it wouldn’t be fun to race around in this Peugeot RCZ GT.

Avis Cars & Vans

Avis has many different cars available for rental to suit your needs whether you need to move some large items or you want a luxury vehicle. Don’t worry, they also have basic cars for when you just need to get from Point A to Point B!

If you are hiring a car for business purposes, be sure to take a look at their long term business hires.

Van Hire

If you need to transport cargo or move some large items Avis has a fleet of vans to suit your needs. There are smaller vans suitable for moving the debris from your weekend project, or loading with camping and outdoor equipment for exploring. Medium sized vans for moving especially large objects like carpets or heavy objects like tiles, or perhpas if you are moving to a new flat and have some smaller furniture pieces to move. If you have big items like beds or sofas, then you’ll want to go up to the large vans in Hire Group G for your bigger and heavier loads.

Please note that to hire a van you must be at least 23 years of age and have held a drivers license for at least 12 months. You will also be required to have excess of at least £1,000, Avis has packages available if you do not currently carry that.

Core Range Vehicles

These form the bulk of Avis’ fleet of hire cars and will suit the needs of most customers. Everything from hybrids to luxury cars, and 4x4s to mini vans for large groups. To hire most cars you need to be at least 23 years of age (higher age requirement for some vehicles) and have held a license for at least 12 months. Cars in this group have seating for 4 passengers up to 9 passengers. Some are automatic and some are manual so take care when choosing your vehicle. All vehicles come with air conditioning for summer road trips!

Select Series

This is the high-end fleet available from select Avis locations in the UK and Europe. Imagine driving the French countryside in a Mercedes or the streets of Venice in an Alfa Romeo! Please note that you must provide two payment cards to hire from the select series. Accepted cards are: American Express, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Diners Club.

Avis Prestige

The prestige series vehicles are carefully selected to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. The most prestigious cars are available for any occasion in the UK and Europe from Jaguar to Posche to Mercedes, with a range of sports, executive or 4×4 vehicles to choose from.

To rent Prestige series vehicles you must provide two payment cards which will be authorised at the time of rental. All non-EU citizens must also present their passports at the rental desk.

Environmental Responsibility

Avis has been working towards being a greener company since 1997, and they have held a Carbon Neutral operations certificate since 2000. Since 1997 they have achieved an emissions offset of 200,000 metric tonnes which is equivalent to the average greenhouse gas emission produced by 31,800 cars a year. Together with The Carbon Neutral Company they have worked on several projects to offset carbon emissions around the world.