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Flybe Discount Codes

Flybe Promo Codes for May 2018:

Welcome to our round up of Flybe promo codes. Flybe is a budget based European airline that provides their customers with shockingly affordable rates to popular destinations. Too often, travelling expenses can add up—the flights, possible car rental, hotel, food, activities, and the list goes on. Because of this most people end up spending way too much cash, and the experience they have while on vacation suffers as a result. Flybe is here to show you travelling doesn’t have to be overtly expensive if you shop before you buy.

In order to get the best deal that suits your needs please browse all of the coupons first, making sure to read the descriptions carefully before choosing. Should you stumble upon a coupon that doesn’t work (this happens once in a blue moon) please make sure to let us know immediately so we can fix the technical issue.

Best Flybe Promo Codes Right Now:

  • Have a Great British Staycation from just £25.99/One Way:

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    The best deals on flights within the UK!
  • Deals on Flights for Summer 2018:

    Book now for huge savings on your next summer vacation!
  • Paris Flight Deals:

    Huge savings on flights to Asterdam from Flybe.
  • Deals on Flights to Dublin:

    Get the best prices on flights to Dublin with Flybe.
  • Edinburgh Flight Deals:

    Have high tea at Edinburgh Castle and visit the birthplace of Harry Potter for less with Flybe!
  • Deals on Flights to Lyon:

    Savings on flights to beautiful Lyon with Flybe!
  • Amsterdam Flight Deals:

    Great deals on flights to Asterdam from Flybe.
  • Deals on Flights to Hannover:

    Flying to Hannover? Save on your trip with Flybe.
  • Belfast Flight Deals:

    Visit Belfast and the Titanic museum for less with great deals on flights from Flybe.
  • Deals on Flights to Newquay:

    Best prices online for flights to Newquay
  • Dusseldorf Flight Deals:

    Fly to Dusseldorf for less with Flybe!
  • Big savings on flights to Knock:

    Save on flights to Knock and visit the west coast of Ireland.

How to use Flybe Discount Codes:

If you’re having trouble entering your discount code during the online checkout process check out this step-by-step guide to avoid missing out on savings. Luckily Flybe makes it very simple to use their discount codes and you can tell immediately if the code is valid or not.

Step 1:
On the home page and many other pages there is a box for selecting a flight and dates. At the bottom of this is a plus sign with the words ‘Promo Code’ next to it, click the plus sign to expand it.
Flybe Discount Code

Step 2:
Once you have expanded the promo code section there will be a box where you can enter the code. Type or copy it in and then click on the ‘Find Flights’ button.
Flybe Discount Code

Step 3:
On the flight selection page it will show your basket on the right, including the promo code you entered. It will tell you if the coupon code is valid or not (which is nice, some companies don’t tell you until you get to the checkout page). You also have the opportunity to add more promo codes if you happen to have more than one! Please note that the coupon code in the image below is not a valid discount code, just an example I used for this guide and it won’t actually net you any savings!
Flybe Discount Code

A Little Background Info on Flybe:

Flybe was founded in 1979, originally known as Jersey European Airways (a combination of Intra Airways and Bournemouth). John Habin—the founding member—is a famed resident of Jersey and currently holds the majority of company shares. Undergoing numerous name changes before finally coming to rest on their current handle in 2002 was a process that was forced by steep competition in the budget travel industry.

Based out of Exeter, England, Flybe are now the largest independent regional airline in the UK. They carry approximately 7 million passengers a year through 192 routes and 62 destinations in a total of 12 countries. They also have their own training academy where they train pilots, cabin crew, and technical/maintenance crew.

If your weekends have been recently lacking in excitement then it’s high time you took a look at Flybe’s weekend break flights. They’ve got some great prices starting as low as £47.76 return and just £34.99 for one way tickets (Jan 2017 pricing). To make things even sweeter they’ve teamed up with, guaranteeing you accommodation in line with your budget. Looking for a friendly, well equipped hostel? B&Bs with all the trimmings? Serious 5 star luxury? No matter how lavish or how simple you want your adventure to be, Flybe and their partners can make it happen.

Allocated seating is available with every flight, and you have the option of choosing your seat in advance. They also have an upscale option called the “All-In” package which gets you the following:

  • Complimentary drink and snack
  • Flybe executive lounge access
  • Free prebooked seating
  • Priority check-in

Flybe on the Web:

Flybe is very active on social media, making them accessible to all of their current and potential customers. They primarily make use of Facebook and Twitter, being sure to rack up their post count throughout each day. Their Facebook page boasts 100,000 followers, and from what we’ve seen, this is a great place to get any customer service issues solved. The content on their page consists of quizzes and prizes, helpful travel tips, and updates regarding industry strikes, seat sales and other news.

Their Twitter feed will keep you informed of any discounted seat prices, prize pack giveaways, and their fundraising efforts. While there is some overlap between their Twitter and Facebook pages respectively, you’ll want to make sure to keep up to date with each in order to avoid missing out on exclusive deals.
Another thing to note about their social media pages is that they don’t spam their followers with reposts from other websites. Almost 100% of the content is original—a refreshing find.

Flybe on Youtube:

You’ve gotta check out Flybe’s Youtube channel if you’re an avid youtube user. They may only have 31 videos currently, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in education and information. Most of their videos are extensive, providing you with special knowledge you can take advantage of when flying with this UK airline.

Their Youtube page is also an excellent way to interact with other customers as well as staying up to date on the latest and greatest airline prices throughout the UK and Europe.

Check out this video of Flybe introducing you to the city of London:

Flybe Luggage Allowances

Cabin Bags

All passengers on Flybe flights are entitled to one carry on bag of 55 x 35 x 20cm (including the wheels) or less and one small personal item such as a handbag or briefcase. The combined weight of these two items must be less than 10KG. All other baggage must be checked, and any cabin bags must comply with the size restrictions above so that they may be safely stowed during the flight.

Remember that any electronic devices that you wish to take into the cabin must be fully powered ahead of time so that they can be turned on for inspection. The usual restriction of 100mL for any liquids or gels you wish to bring on your cabin bags apply, and they should be sealed in a clear plastic bag for quick inspection. E-cigarettes must be carried on in your cabin bag, but you are not permitted to use them on board the aircraft.

And of course common sense rules: no weapons, explosives or dangerous goods. If you are flying with a kilt or kilt set for a wedding or other formal event, remember that the kilt pin and the sgian gubh must be put into checked baggage and are prohibited for transport in the cabin of the plane.

Hold luggage

Flybe’s ‘Just Fly’ ticket prices do not include any hold luggage, the ‘Get More’ ticket price includes 1 up to 23kg and the ‘All In’ ticket price includes 2 items of hold luggage up to 46kg. Additional hold luggage can be checked for additional fees, depending on how large they are.

Student pricing
Flybe understands that for students living away from home a luggage allowance of 23kg may not be sufficient. With a valid Student ID card you are eligible to check up to 46kg of luggage for the price of only 23kg! Please note that the card must be valid for the date of travel, and it is only applicable to the student on the card as the deal in non-transferrable.

Flybe Ticket Types

Flybe doesn’t have different class cabins, however there are a few different ticket types with different features and benefits:

Just Fly

This is perfect for short trips where you are taking little to no luggage with you. You get the best price on your ticket, and you can take one personal item (handbag, briefcase, etc) and one piece of luggage in the cabin provided that it fits the requirements (see luggage information above). Advanced seat selection, extra legroom, hold luggage, and food and drink are available but for additional fees.

Get More

For many travellers, the Get More ticket will provide the best value. You get a flexible ticket, even being able to change your flight on the day of (you may be required to cover the cost of the fare difference though). In addition to the cabin luggage, you also get one piece of hold luggage up to 23kg included. You may also reserve your seating ahead of time.

Extra legroom, luggage, and food and drink are available for additional fees.

All In

The All In ticket type is the closest thing that Flybe has to first class. In addition to your flexible ticket, 2 pieces of hold luggage up to 46kg, and reserved seating, you also get access to the Flybe Executive Lounge, Fast-Track security screening, and complimentary food and drink on board the airplane. Extra legroom seats are included at no additional charge.

Of course, this is subject to availability. Not every airport that Flybe operates out of has an executive lounge or a priority security screening queue.

With regards to the complimentary food and drink, you may choose one item from their deli range (sandwich or snack) and one drink. It does include alcoholic drinks, with the exception of champagne. You can have a look at current food and drink offerings in their Flight Time magazine.

Hotels and Car Hire

If you are travelling, then chances are you will need a place to stay and way to get around! Flybe has partnered with for hotel deals and Avis and Budget for car hires. Incidentally we also have coupons available for Avis so that you can save even more money on your holiday or business trip!