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McAfee Promo Codes

McAfee Coupons for May 2018:

Here is our list of coupons for McAfee, a trusted anti-virus and privacy software that provides protection for all of your devices. We live in a digital age, and most (if not all) of our private information is stored on our laptops, phones, tablets and desktops. Tax returns, credit card numbers, bank and paypal accounts are all up for grabs by the almost infinite number of viruses developed by cybercriminals looking to attack our devices, preventing them from working, or worse yet, stealing our personal data right in front of our eyes.
Without the proper protection you’re a sitting duck, so make sure you take advantage of McAfee software which has been rated as Editor’s Choice in PC Magazine.

In order to get the best deal that suits your needs please browse all of the McAfee coupons first, making sure to read the descriptions carefully before choosing. They have a few different options depending on what devices you own, or security measures you wish to take.

While we make sure to test every single one of our coupons before making them available sometimes there is a technical glitch in the system. If you experience a problem with your coupon code please contact us immediately so we can correct the mistake (however, we’d be very surprised if this did indeed happen).

Best McAfee Coupons Right Now:

  • Save 50% Off McAfee Antivirus Plus:

    Save 50% Off McAfee’s most popular product: McAfee Antivirus Plus. Right now it’s priced at £24.50, which is a full 50% off. This is a special link-activated discount, so no promo code required.

  • 50% Off McAfee Total Protection:

    Get McAfee’s Total Protection software package for just £39.99. No promo code is required to redeem this offer. Just click on the green coupon button and a special link-activated discount will automatically take effect.
  • Take 50% Off McAfee Internet Security:

    Browse the internet securely with McAfee Internet Security. Get it now for just £34.99. No discount code required.

A Little Background Info on McAfee:

McAfee Antivirus Software was founded in 1987 by John David McAfee, who was a computer programmer and entrepreneur. Running his company until 1994, he saw a high rate of success before he resigned in the same year.

In 2007 the company’s wealth reached $100 million before suffering during the global financial crash later that year. A few years after surviving the crisis, McAfee was purchased by Intel in 2011, falling under the Intel Security umbrella. McAfee is designed for both home and home-office users as well as corporate environments. They have a variety of stand alone packages that consist of:

  • Spyware protection
  • On-access file scanner
  • Firewall protection (Inbound and Outbound)
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor, displaying which websites are safe and which ones are not
  • Active Protection (Artemis), which constantly monitors for suspicious viral activity in real time

On another note, John McAfee has also been very active in the political arena, seeking the nomination for the Libertarian Party’s candidate for the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. However, he lost to former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson.

He is also said to have interest in smartphone apps, so he may come out with a related product in the future.

McAfee on the Web:
Intel Security is very active on their Facebook page, giving their customers helpful hints and tips that can give their devices that extra bit of required safety cushioning. They also have some serious sweepstakes prizes, including travel and discounted McAfee products.
They also keep their followers apprised of the latest online scams, cyber attacks and heists, and how you can avoid being a victim. Staying privy to this information is paramount, so we suggest you go and like their page to avoid getting taken advantage of by some sneaky cyber thief.
Intel Security are also very active on Twitter, providing their followers with the newest additions in combating cyber attacks, fake news reports, data breach protocols, public wifi security, and more. With such a large amount of useful information on each of their social media pages, we feel not following them would only do you a disservice.
If a company has a strong social media presence, you can bet there is a dedicated team willing and able to help you with any questions you may have about their products.

McAfee on Youtube:

With over 300 views on youtube, Intel Security covers a wide range of cyber safety issues using simple and to the point explainer videos as well as professional security measures you can start taking right now. One of their most popular video series is entitled “Securing Tomorrow Today.” This series keeps you updated on the current events of personal cyber security, and the steps you need to take if you desire to avoid the most current threats. It also takes you through a variety of issues within the industry such as employment options and how it’s used in law enforcement and military operations.

Below, we’ve included a sample from the Securing Tomorrow Today series. Take a few minutes to check it out.