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AliExpress Coupon Promo Codes Updated For April 2021:

  • Shop & save with these AliExpress Coupons & Promo Codes

Best Ali Express Coupons Right Now

New Coupons & Promo Codes For AliExpress

No.DiscountOffer DetailsType
1.£4A voucher for £4 for new shoppers at AliExpressCode
2.£3Join the mailing list for a £3 voucherCode
3.50%May Your Way Sale: 50% off select productsSale
4.99%Lots of items listed for just £0.01Sale
5.£5Browse the finds for under £5 sectionSale

About AliExpress

aliexpress voucher
  • An online marketplace similar to Ebay or Amazon that specializes in low cost items directly from manufacturers in China.
  • Fashion: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, mobile accessories, jewelry and watches, bags, shoes, kids items, baby products, health & beauty, hair
  • For the home: computer & office products, consumer electronics, sports & outdoors, home improvement items, home & garden products, toys, furniture
  • Garage: tools, automotive and motorcycle parts, home & auto maintenance

Where to Enter Coupons

Time needed: 2 minutes.

The use of AliExpress coupons can be a little confusing, here is a quick guide:

  1. Log-in to your account or create one

    To do any shopping with AliExpress you will need to have an account with them. If you don’t already have one it’s easy to set up, if you do log-in before you get started. If you’re creating a new acount you’ll get a coupon for around £3, depending on the exchange rate. All their pricing is based on USD.

  2. Add items to your shopping cart & select coupons

    If there is a coupon available for the item you are adding to the cart there will be a small orange banner under the price that says what the discount is. Click on the ‘Get Coupons’ link and it will show you what is available. Select ‘Get’ next to the coupon that you want and it will be added to your account, rather than you needing to copy a code down.ali express coupon

  3. Visit the shopping cart page.

    When you get to the shopping cart there will be a checkbox marked ‘Sale’ with a little countdown timer next to it. If not already selected, click on the checkbox to apply the coupons you have available and you will see your cart total update.

  4. Continue to payment & delivery details

    From there you can click on the big red ‘Buy’ button to carry on to the payment and delivery information page. There is a box on this page labeled ‘Promo Code’. If you have a promo code, you can use it but just be aware it will cancel out the AliExpress coupons as they can not be used at the same time. Depending on the promo code, it may or may not be a better deal. When you are all done filling in information you can click on ‘Place order’ to finalize and submit the order.


Why is Ali Express so cheap?

On AliExpress you can buy directly from the manufacturer. In other words, you can buy wholesale. The only thing you would need to pay for is shipping. The same products from the same manufacturer will cost more if you buy from a store in the UK because the store will charge a mark-up on the original cost.

Will there be an import tax?

To have items shipped over from other countries, particularly outside the EU, you will need to pay import taxes. In the EU, there’s a VAT of 20% of the cost of the item. Beware of sellers trying to mark the product as a ‘gift’ to circumvent import taxes, it is illegal to do this.

Is safe?

In terms of data protection, it’s not any less safe than other online retailers like Amazon or eBay. You can secure extra protection by using AliExpress’s Escrow service. It doesn’t allow sellers access to your credit card details and doesn’t pay the seller until you confirm that you’ve received the item.

Customer Service

  • Help Center: The Customer Service section has a help centre with FAQ and a search function
  • LiveChat: Click on the ‘Online Service’ button near the bottom of the Help Center to chat with a customer service representative

Refund Policy

  • The refund policy is set by the individual sellers themselves rather than AliExpress so you will need to read it carefully before you order.
  • If you feel you were misled by the information they provided, first contact the seller to see if you can reach an agreement on a return and refund. You can contact the seller by searching for your order under My Orders. You will see a ‘Contact Now’ tab on the order with that seller.
  • If you & the seller do not come to an agreement, you can contact AliExpress to intervene and make a judgment based on the information. You can open a discussion with AliExpress six days after the seller has shipped the product.
  • The deadline for opening a discussion also depends on what method you used to ship the product. If it’s DHL, FedEx or UPS the deadline is 23 days after shipment. If it’s Japan Post or China Post, 27 and 39 days respectively.
  • Open a dispute with AliExpress by clicking on the order and clicking Open Dispute next to it. You will need to fill out questions on the order, the refund you expect and how you’re unhappy with the order. You will negotiate with the seller at this point but if you want AliExpress to intervene, you need to select the Escalate Dispute option. AliExpress will review the information on both sides and make a decision on the refund.

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