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London Zoo Discount Codes

ZSL London Zoo Promo Codes Updated For April 2021:

  • Take a trip to the London Zoo and create memories that last a lifetime! But you can save quid by using London Zoo promo codes and discount codes on your order. Also, keep an eye out for ZSL London Zoo gift vouchers, where you can save up to 20% off!

Best London Zoo Discount Codes Right Now:

Expired London Zoo Promo Codes

  • They are past their validity. But feel free to try them. They may still work.

50% Off Black Friday Sale!

Get up to 50% off the London Zoo collection this Black Friday! No London Zoo voucher code is required.

50% Off Black Friday Sale!

Get up to 50% off the London Zoo collection this Black Friday! No London Zoo voucher code is required.

Visiting London Zoo (ZSL)

  • The London Zoo first opened its doors all the way back in April 1828. Their intention was to become a collection ground for animals to be studied for scientific purposes. First opened to the public for observation in 1847, today it’s the home for over 670 different species of animals. It is currently managed by the aegis of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).
  • What’s remarkable is that the London Zoo receives no funding from the state. It relies entirely upon entrance fees, donations, and sponsorships for revenue. And it is visited by over a million people every year.
  • London Zoo’s COVID Restrictions include a limited number of visitors to the Zoo. You also must purchase your Tickets online before your visit.

More Than Just Animals at ZSL:

  • ZSL is more than just catching a quick glimpse of a few key animals. There are lots of different attractions and unique adventures offered to visitors…each of which are sure to capture your heart. You can choose from activities like: watching feeding time, or participating in a lecture about a specific bird or reptile. Not enough? You can also watch live shows.
  • Looking to personally interact with the animals? Consider adding a special activity to create a more unique visit. Some of the activities that you’ll be able to choose from include: meeting the animals, enjoying a two day course at the Junior Academy…or even becoming a keeper for a day. Each of these experiences allow you and your child the opportunity to become hands on with ZSL operations. As well , you’ll learn more in-depth details about a specific animal or habitat.

Staying Overnight?

  • Want to know a truly unique way to experience all that the zoo has to offer? Book an overnight stay inside the gates. The stay is in a private lodge within the facility itself. An overnight booking includes lost of cool amenities. Such as? There’s 3 exclusive after-hours tours, a buffet dinner, plus free entry and parking. You’ll also get discounts on experiences, the gift shop items and the restaurant. An overnight stay is an amazing way to learn more about the inner workings of the centre (as well as its inhabitants!).
  • A truly exceptional addition to anyone visiting from inside or outside the United Kingdom, the London Zoo is must see. All levels of experiences are available to fit any size budget. Tickets are available for purchase at the gate; making it a great last minute destination for local Londoners as well. Do not forget to bring any coupons or discount codes with you on your trip.

Our Voucher Codes Are For London Zoo’s Website Only:

  1. In addition, you also have the option of purchasing tickets in advance on the ZSL’s website. However, please note that in order to purchase on the website, you will need to know the day you are planning your visit.
  2. You can redeem your London Zoo Promotion Codes with online purchases as well. Simply proceed with processing your order as required.
  3. When you reach the London Zoo checkout page, a link entitled “Have a promo code?” will appear below the guest details form. Just click on this link and enter London Zoo Promotion Code to receive the discount on your order.

Connecting on Social Media:

  • Want to know about special events and activities? You can find it all on their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • You can also reach to them directly via email at Their phone number is 0344 225 1826 (from within the United Kingdom). A link to send them a direct email as well as a live chat feature is available on their website.
  • If you prefer, you also have the option to subscribe to their email newsletters. If you do sign up, you’ll find out about promotions and special events before they are announced to the public. In addition, you will also receive exclusive membership benefits with your subscription.
  • ZSL strives to give the best service to its members and visitors at all times. Each person’s experience is of the utmost importance, and feedback is always welcome.

Refunds and Returns at ZSL:

  • Want a refund or return? You can return an item back to the shop or post within the facility for an exchange or refund.
  • You need to provide the original form for payment. Also, you must make the request within 14 days of the original purchase. Bring your receipt(s) of purchase or documentation with you.
  • ZSL has restrictions that apply. In particular, regarding special experiences and other “performance” services. So please review all terms and conditions that accompany each order carefully.
  • Still have questions? Contact ZSL via email or telephone as soon as possible to have the matter rectified expeditiously and to your satisfaction.

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